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How to choose a proper dog

How to choose a proper dog

It is not a secret that pets give us joy and happiness, especially dogs. That is why each of us plans to buy it.

So, you have chosen a puppy, it is in your embrace, you are over the moon and want to pay for it, but… Are you sure that this puppy is healthy? Is it the right breed that you want? There are a lot of dogs for sale but before buying them read this article in order to get some useful advice.

Before buying a dog make sure that you really need and desire one. In this case answer these for questions:

  • Do all family members want a dog?
  • Do you know a person whom you will leave your pet when you are on holidays?
  • Does your accommodation suit the requirements for the exact dog‘s breed?
  • Will you walk the dog on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings?

If you got 4 YES answers, congratulations! Let‘s go to buy a dog but don‘t forget 3 main things before buying it.

  • Is it the right breed;
  • Is it healthy;
  • Find out about the food that was given to puppy‘s mother.

Is it the right breed? Small puppies look almost the same. Instead of pedigree you can get a beautiful but ordinary dog. All pedigree dogs have breed documents, tatoo or microchip under their skin to prove their quality.

Is it healthy? You can decide about dog‘s health from its appearance and behavior. If the dog‘s owner takes care about it – the dog should be vaccinated and this should be noticed in the vaccinations passport. Pay attention that all little puppies spend their major part of time sleeping, but when their are awake, they should be active and energetic. A bulging stomach, except after eating, means that a dog can have worms. Mucous eyes and nose indicates viruses or bacterial infections. Dog‘s pelt should shine and anus be clean.

Taip pat skaitykite:

Before buying a puppy you should think thoroughly about it if you don‘t want to have any troubles with it.